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Scout HD
  • Scout HD

    The Scout HD was Fat Shark’s first HD digital FPV goggle and the result is spectacular! Unparalleled image quality is achieved with a 1080p display viewed through Fat Shark’s patented folded optical engine. The 3.5” panel delivers a crisp 44-degree FOV image at 60 fps with compatibility with Shark Byte transmitters. Scout retains a reputation as a high-performance goggle at an affordable price while maintaining anti-fog fan features, comfortable form factor, and glasses accommodating faceplate.


    FOV (field of view): 44 degrees diagonal

    Interpupillary Distance (IPD): 55 to 76 mm (fixed)




    5 inch TFT (1920 X 1080)



    3 button OSD navigation




    Power Supply: 5.1mm Barrel Connector, 8-16V (2s – 4s) Center Pin Positive

    Operating Frequencies: 5.725-5.850GHz

    Upgradeable via SD card




    Shark Byte Tx upgrade port


    USB-C (Charge port)




    Ergonomically molded headset w/ adjustable headband

    Dimensions: 170 x 120 x 90mm

    Weight: 336.5 g

    Package size: 517g, 180 x 128 x 98mm

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