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  • Dominator

    The Fat Shark Dominator returns. This FPV Drone goggle features high fidelity FullHD OLED displays and supports a new 1080p video transmission protocol in a compact design. A wide range of IPD and focus adjustment allows the user to tune the optics for any eye. The Dominator is packed with premium features such as USB-C Video out, HD DVR recording, and an intuitive full color graphic user interface. Support for Betaflight Canvas Mode puts you in control of the on screen display. The Dominator is the new standard for premium FPV.


    Model Number: FSV1125

    Model Name: DOMINATOR

    Certifications: Applied for FCC


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    Field of View (FOV): 46°

    Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD): 57 ~ 70mm (adjustable)

    Adjustable Focus Range: +2 to -6 diopter



    Full HD 1080p OLED Dual Micro Displays


    7-21V (2S-5S)



    HD Video Output via USB-C Connector

    Supports Betaflight Canvas Mode

    Integrated HD DVR

    Adjustable Anti-Fog Ventilation

    Customizable Fit with Optional Faceplate Pad Accessories

    On/Off Power Button

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