Imagine the freedom of soaring above the earth, the thrill of skimming tree tops or the rush of screaming along inches off the ground; Fat Shark is your window to a new life perspective.  Release yourself from gravity and immerse yourself into the exciting new world of FPV, video photography and drone racing.  Technology is delivering your childhood fantasies, what are you waiting for?


The HD2 is the flagship FPV video goggle from Fat Shark. The HD2 has it all; biggest FOV, highest resolution, modular receiver bay, modular head tracking bay, DVR, HDMI in and 3D. The massive 50 degree FOV display delivers situational awareness allowing the pilot to fly faster and more precise than any other goggle. HD2 is the competitive edge for dominating drone racing.

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Dominator V3

The Dominator V3 features an immersive 16:9 widescreen image for compatibility with HD content and HD digital video links (e.g. DJI Inspire, Phantom 3, Amimon CONNEX, Parrot Bebop, 3DR). When it comes time to rip it up FPV racing, insert an analog receiver into the DOMV3’s modular receiver bay and record the footage with the built in DVR.

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Attitude V3

The Attitude V3 is the FPV/Drone racing goggle for analog transmissions. It’s 4:3 VGA display is the ideal ratio/resolution/FOV for crisp NTSC and PAL video. The modular receiver bay supports a myriad of bands and channels and is forward compatible with future RF performance improvements. Best all around value and indisputably Fat Shark’s best looking headset.

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