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vortex 150

This week, Ready Made RC and Fat Shark are launching a new bundle for beginner FPV pilots. The Vortex 150 Starter Kit comes with an Immersion RC Vortex 150, a pair of Fat Shark Recon Goggles and a simple, easy-to-use Fat Shark Radio. The full kit is ready to fly out of the box and […]

fat shark community pilot fat shark community spotlight

September’s community pilots stepping into the spotlight are the Drone Racing League’s Paul Nurkkala (aka NURK) and Jacob Schneider (Jawz). You remember Paul from the Flight of the Year video that went viral last year. Jawz shot to fame when he became the 2017 Bud Light pilot for DRL. Starting on August 29th and through […]

So much of FPV revolves around community. We live through our regional races, share freestyle footage online and look forward at seeing friends at annual competitions. Instagram and Facebook are woven as deep into our roots as the carbon fiber in our frames or the solder on our ESCs. There’s only so much of the […]

Australia’s reigning top FPV pilot Thomas Bitmatta, upgraded to the HDO OLED FPV goggles earlier this month and filed a great video documenting the process. Check it out below.

New product photos of the relaunched HD2 goggles (aka the T2) just arrived at Fat Shark West this morning. Meanwhile, the crowdfunding campaign is still ongoing. Stop in and grab a limited edition pair of T2 goggles before the campaign wraps up on July 20th. Here’s a link to the campaign.  

Flite Fest is one of our favorite events of the year. Centered around community, the event brings together some of the best pilots and characters from the maker and FPV space – all for a weekend of building, flying and seeing friends. Like last year, Fat Shark will be the FPV barbecue sponsor of Flite […]

hd2 t2 terminator edition

When Fat Shark launched its HDO drone racing goggles earlier this year, many pilots were excited about the new OLED technology used in the headset. Others pointed out that they missed the ultra-wide field of view available in previous generation goggles. So: we’re firing up the old manufacturing line one last time to bring back […]

fat shark 101

Fat Shark’s 101 Kit, a full system for getting into drones and drone racing, is now priced at $199. The Fat Shark 101 Kit includes: The Fat Shark Radio, which operates on the FlySky protocol and can be used with any FlySky receiver down the road. Plug it directly into a computer (no batteries required!) […]

HDO hdo firmware hdo pixel

A permanent fix for the peripheral pixel dithering issue that showed up in some of the first production HDOs has now been established. To make the update, a certified repair center needs to disassemble the goggles, flash new firmware and verify the changes. To get the process started, simply email support@fatshark.com to create a ticket. […]


**Update** This new firmware update has been replaced by a full-scale repair-and-replace program for HDOs with any dithered pixel issues. Please refer to Fat Shark’s repair post here to get further details.

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