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Fat Shark HDO HDO

Fat Shark’s newest flagship FPV goggles have arrived. The result of over a year of R&D and production, the HDO goggles bring a new generation of display technology to the industry’s best drone racing goggles. Patented Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays have replaced the LCD technology of past generations, bringing new levels of image […]

alliance for drone innovation

This week, Fat Shark is officially joining the Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI), a coalition of manufacturers, suppliers and developers built to advocate for the future of commercial, consumer and hobby drones. Led by Jenny Rosenberg, the former Department of Transportation Acting Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs, ADI founding members include 3DR, DJI, […]

fat shark gates

Fat Shark gates, perfect for your local indoor or outdoor micro races, are now available for retail purchase. Originally built for the Fat Shark 101 Drone Training kit, the gates fold up into a handy, packable format and measure about 14″ in internal diameter. Get them at your favorite FPV retailer today.

dominator v3 dominator v3 rtf

Last week, retail purchase price on the Dominator V3 dropped to $299. This week, all other SKUs related to the Dominator V3 (including the V3 Kit) are also dropping to $299. At that same price point, today Fat Shark is also introducing the Dominator V3 RTF Bundle, a new kit that includes EVERYTHING needed to […]

Today, Fat Shark is lowering the customer purchase price of the Dominator V3 to $299. Check with your favorite retailer to find inventory while supplies last. More on the Fat Shark Dominator V3 including specifications and info on its industry-leading form factor and modularity are over on the product’s homepage.

fatshark101 worldsfairnano

 Last week, Fat Shark teamed up with World’s Fair Nano in San Francisco, California to run a massive drone training experience. The full experience included 15 minutes on the DRL Simulator, ten minutes flying line-of-sight and another ten minutes flying FPV — the same steps involved in learning to fly with the Fat Shark […]

This weekend, Fat Shark is partnering with World’s Fair Nano in San Francisco to run the Drone Zone, a hands-on, interactive space for learning to fly sport drones. Using the new Fat Shark 101 Drone Training Kit we’ll run three separate stations: Simulate: Take a few laps with the Drone Racing League simulator and learn […]

fat shark 101 fat shark radio

The vast majority of DRL pilots who train though the simulator use actual flight radios to best-simulate the real flight experience. Fat Shark Radios, which have professional-grade gimbals, are now on sale independent of the Fat Shark 101 Drone Training System for $39.99. The radios need neither batteries nor a special connector to run on […]


The final episode of Fat Shark’s series on how to get into FPV trains a pilot in advanced FPV flight. View the video above or the entire series <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWsLUMdyrFk&amp;list=PLv0zh1kWPbeE4s0XcUW55NlIXArlIRRt2″>here</a>.

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