Fat Shark launches three new drone racing headsets

Our 2019 summer is focused on high value entry level headsets. We have released just three new products that will all ship by the end of the June. The Recon V3, the Scout, and the Attitude V5 are all designed to be affordable with features in mind to meet the performance and budget requirements of anyone getting into the hobby.

The Scout uses a patented panel goggle optical module to deliver a 50 degree field of view (FOV), 1136 x 640 resolution and a 60 fps refresh rate in a comfortable headset. In addition to an impressive display, the Scout has completely overhauled electronics performance. It has a diversity RX with an embedded 10 dB patch antenna to maximize reception, an overhauled OSD, an updated 60 fps DVR, and USB-C charging. The Scout is even designed to accommodate glasses wearers.