About Us

FPV Tech innovators with a vision for the future.

From Zero to 85 in 10 years

Fat Shark burst on the scene in 2007, the inspired vision of Greg French. Originally a radio-controlled car nerd, Greg soon discovered camera-fitted aircraft and first person view headsets, and was hooked. Ten short years later, Fat Shark is drone racing’s undisputed head honcho, with 85% of professional pilots choosing it for their FPV headsets. Racers know what they want, and Fat Shark makes damn sure they get it.

Uncompromising quality, superior performance

Achieving optimal performance means not compromising on the time, materials or grey matter that goes in. Fat Shark is not afraid to jettison new ideas that just don’t cut it. This starts with having no barriers between ourselves and top pilots. They are an insane source of feedback about how they’re using Fat Sharks—what they like and what they don’t like. We keep listening, keep improving, hell-bent on helping them keep crushing it on the course.

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The future is awesome

Fat Shark is an unstoppable beast in the exploding drone racing game. Greg and his team look forward to powering the future of the sport. It’s a rush. It’s spectator-friendly. And it deserves to grow and grow. Fat Shark will be there to support the pros already at the top, and the newcomers who want to get there.

“I saw FPV goggles, and knew I could make them way better.”
Greg French, Founder of FAT Shark